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IOA Student Research Award

The IOA Student Research Award promotes and recognizes students who engage in research. This award is given every four years at the IOA Congress.

Purpose: This award is meant to stimulate student interest in research in orthoptic science and engage in evidence based practice. It is also meant to encourage students by participation in research to pursue a research career in orthoptic science.

Eligibility: Applicants must be registered at the time of application in a recognized orthoptic program (undergraduate or graduate) located in an IOA member or associate member country. To hold the award the applicant must have completed all the course requirements of at least the first year of orthoptic study (or two academic terms). Additionally, the applicant must have obtained, over the previous years of study, a cumulative average of at least second class (a grade of “B” or “B-,” if applicable) as defined by their orthoptic program.

Apply: Candidates wishing to be considered will apply online and submit the following information:

  1. A Completed Online Application Form
  2. Submission of an abstract for the IOA Congress
  3. Completed Registration for the IOA Congress
  4. Letter from Orthoptic Training Program Director confirming the applicant enrollment and year of study plus their good standing in that orthoptic program (defined as a cumulative average of at least second class grade of “B” or “B-“ as determined by the program)
  5. Letter of Support from Research Supervisor which outlines a clear description of the student’s role in the research, the novelty of this work and the implications of this work.

    Selection: Submissions will be reviewed by the IOA Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC) and selection for this award will be made by them. Selection will be based on both the submitted information and the actual presentation of the work by the student at the Congress. If a member of the CSPC is involved in the training of the applicant they will be required to depose themselves from the selection process.

    Award: Free registration to the IOA Congress and a certificate that will be awarded at the Congress. Costs of this award will be covered by the IOA.

    Application date: Deadline for applications is 6 months prior to Congress opening date.