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Orthoptics Worldwide

If you would like to contribute to this section or learn more about orthoptics in one of the countries highlighted please contact the Program Coordinator of International Coordination Kyle Arnoldi or with the Volunteer Program Director Karen McMain.

Karin Spatz: Mabuhay! Orthoptics in North Samar / Philippines

Karin Spatz, Orthoptist in Germany, visited together with an ophthalmologist Bugko, a costal village with about 7000 inhabitants. Next to giving...

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Daisy Godts: Evaluation and teaching mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo

"Light for the World Belgium", a NGO fighting against blindness, the improvement of quality of life of persons with a visual handicap and their rights...

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Claudia Ehlers: Low Vision in Rwanda

Claudia Ehlers, teaching Orthoptist and Health Professions Educator (M. Sc) was invited to the Kabjye-Eye-Hospital to train eye-workers in the field...

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Michelle Brown: Orthoptics in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a tiny British Overseas Territory located at the very Southern tip of Spain.

he Rock of Gibraltar has long been associated with the...

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Pakistan is renowned for its people who are contributing towards the betterment of some high demanding professions around the world. Vision Sciences...

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Ewa Witowska: Orthoptics in Poland

The person responsible for the advent of orthoptics in Poland is Professor Marian Wilczek (1903 - 1967), whose initiative led to the construction of...

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Svetlana Ismagilova: Estonia

Here in Estonia we have three orthoptists (all of us have secondary medical education). One in Latvia, who was educated as an optometrist, and as far...

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Judith Musallam D.B.O: Orthoptics in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

During the 1970s, Israel offered a form of orthoptic training, which was useful to manage squints and amblyopia patients. However, this phased out as...

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Marleen Veldt, Caroline Schuijt, : Orthoptic Work in Cameroon

For our orthoptic placement and research we traveled to Cameroon, a country in West -Africa. We performed vision screening at primary schools in...

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Lilliane Margaret Mugagga.: Orthoptics in Uganda

A Journey to: Uganda by Lilliane Margaret Mugagga.

In her report Lilliane Margaret Mugagga desribes her work as an Orthoptist/Ophthalmic clinical...

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Anika de Cocq van Delwijnen & Ellen Bakker: Orthoptics in Rwanda

A Journey to: Rwanda by Anika de Cocq van Delwijnen & Ellen Bakker

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A Journey to: Gibraltar by Afsar Ali

| Orthoptics Worldwide

I feel two aspects should be covered: 1) how the job is and 2) how the country is.

Gibraltar is a British colony, so when you arrive you don’t need...

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