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Organizational Vision

The IOA envisions itself as the global advocate for orthoptic learning, research and professional excellence. 



Summary strategic plan 2023-2027

A strategic plan is critical for the International Orthoptic Association (IOA) to ensure its mission and vision are effectively achieved. The plan encompasses five program areas, including International Cooperation, Education and Research, Standards and Quality, Promotion and Development, and Operations Management. Program coordinators, project leaders, and team members execute the plan through project plans, while the core program areas remain consistent.

Under the International Cooperation program, initiatives include growing the Volunteer Program, establishing international partnerships, and providing program materials to interested countries. The Promotion & Development program focuses on increasing awareness of the orthoptic profession, promoting initiatives, and facilitating professional development. The Education & Research program aims to promote clinical research, update education-related documents, and establish universal standards for orthoptic education. The Standards & Quality program defines the global scope of orthoptic practice, promotes ethical practice, and supports the establishment of new associations. The Operations Management program maintains accountability, transparency, and governance standards within IOA.

Agenda items across these programs include updating documents, creating committees, developing guidelines, scheduling meetings, reviewing membership status, exploring congress organization options, updating handbooks and articles of association, and monitoring the website.

A strategic plan provides direction, resource allocation, and accountability for IOA's efforts. It ensures that program areas work collaboratively towards the organization's goals, while allowing flexibility for evolving project teams. By aligning efforts and optimizing resources, the strategic plan helps IOA to effectively achieve its mission, promote orthoptics globally, and advance the profession through education, research, and quality standards.