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Organizational Aims / Objectives

IOA objectives are: 

  • to promote the science of orthoptics, the publication of related scientific material and an internationally accepted terminology for use by orthoptists
  • to provide information and assistance to national authorities and individuals in order to initiate and develop the practice of the science of orthoptics throughout the world
  • to promote high standards of training and practice in orthoptics
  • to organise international congresses for orthoptists and others concerned with the practice of orthoptics and for the generation of knowledge of the science of orthoptics 

IOA aims are: 

  • to provide a service to the patient by encouraging a high standard of practice in orthoptics
  • to encourage high standards in the training of orthoptists
  • to foster the science of orthoptics
  • to encourage and maintain an internationally acceptable terminology
  • to provide information and assistance to national organisations as well as to individuals so that orthoptic services may be initiated and developed throughout the world
  • to organise at regular intervals Orthoptic Congresses