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International Observerships

The IOA Exchange Program was developed to facilitate the exchange of ideas by linking those who would like to observe orthoptists practicing in other countries with orthoptists who were willing to have visitors observe their work.  Since the first visit in 2002, a total of 84 people applied to the program and we logged 26 successful visits.  In 2019, the IOA Council of Management decided to close the Exchange Program and redirect all international observerships to the national level. 

Please contact the IOA Representative and the national association of the IOA member country that you would like to visit.  All orthoptic student observerships will be coordinated via the program directors from each country.

We would love to hear about all international observerships or exchanges that happen between IOA member countries and post them on our website.  Please read some fabulous reports from colleagues around the world who experienced an international observership through the Exchange Program.

    Reports from our exchange program

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