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Donations / Bequests

General Information
Thank you for considering a gift to the International Orthoptic Association (IOA)! The IOA is a non-governmental agency and relies on the generosity of its members and supporters of orthoptics to fund many of its special projects. The Association holds charitable status with the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom (registration # 1122060) and is incorporated as a non-profit corporation according to English Law under the United Kingdom’s Company Act. We issue charitable receipts for gifts of cash and "in kind" gifts, as defined by the United Kingdom’s Charity Commission.

Many people may not know that the IOA Officers and Council of Management members are volunteers and give their time and expertise at no cost to the organisation.  The IOA is currently funded through subscriptions from national associations and individual members. On many occasions the IOA is asked for assistance and it does not have the resources to respond or the assistance that can be provided is limited due to lack of funding. Donations made to the IOA will support orthoptics education, grants, scholarships and orthoptic science. We are pleased to tell you that 100 % of any donation made will go to IOA programs and no percentage of your donated funds are used for administrative expenses. To learn more about the exciting work of the IOA we would ask you to view the IOA Strategic Plan found under the Profile tab of this website.

The IOA welcomes and appreciates any amount you choose to donate to support the work of the Association.  Consider what you have gained from being an orthoptist or what you have gained from receiving orthoptic services. Your generous donation will help the IOA support the development and provision orthoptic services internationally.

If you want to support some of the exciting initiatives the IOA is undertaking and support the global orthoptic community, contact IOA Treasurer, Adam Kennaugh at and he will be happy to provide further information on how you can donate.

Tribute Gifts (In Memoriam or in Honour Donations)
Making a donation in memory of or in tribute to a friend or family member is a meaningful way to let others know you care. You can honor someone on a special occasion such as World Orthoptic Day, a birthday, retirement, graduation from an orthoptic program, work anniversary, or as a note of thanks to a special orthoptic instructor, professional mentor or the orthoptic health professional who was so instrumental in your or your child’s care.

To make a donation in memory or in honour of another individual please contact IOA Secretary Treasurer, Adam Kennaugh at

When your donation is made a gift notification card will be sent to the person or family to acknowledge your thoughtful gift. Your charitable tax receipt, accompanied by a letter of thanks, will be mailed to you.

Bequests and Planned Giving
One of the most thoughtful ways to ensure the International Orthoptic Association continues to reach out globally to support orthoptics is to leave a planned gift to the IOA. This selfless gesture will touch many lives in the years to come.

Planned gifts can be bequests (a gift made in your will), annuities (stocks and securities), life insurance, regular pre-authorized contributions (monthly giving) or endowments (a contribution where the principal is held in perpetuity and the income or interest from the principal is used for the purposes as outlined in an endowment agreement).

Consult Professionals
Please note that tax laws and other legislation are subject to change and will vary from country to country. You are cautioned to consult your own financial and legal advisors regarding the applicability of making a planned gift to your particular circumstances.

If you are interested in planned giving please do contact IOA Treasurer, Adam Kennaugh at