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The Benefits of IOA Membership

The International Orthoptic Association (IOA) is an international organization of Orthoptic professionals throughout the world who have come together to:

  • Pursue goals of advocating for and disseminating information regarding issues of importance to the Orthoptic profession
  • Sharing experiences at scientific conferences and through IOA networks
  • Provide access to professional development and career opportunities
  • Enhance opportunities in developing countries for the professional practice of Orthoptics
  • Provide networking opportunities with peers who share our interests in enhancing the Orthoptic profession by the promotion of its science
  • Provide an international voice for Orthoptics and a centre for collective action

While our association represents many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds speaking many different languages all our members consider International Orthoptic Association membership an investment in how the Orthoptic profession develops globally and personally for their professional future. Association membership provides benefits in the following areas:

  • Members are provided with access to IOA surveys and the feedback gained. These surveys include an International Vision Screening survey and the Orthoptics Worldwide survey (on worldwide working conditions for Orthoptists, country access to work, training requirements for Orthoptics and average salaries per country).
  • Members are provided with access to IOA Orthoptic promotional material that promotes the profession and education of Orthoptists
  • Members can participate in International Orthoptic development by adopting a partner country or becoming an International Orthoptic volunteer and sharing their clinical or instructional expertise.
  • Members have access to IOA Orthoptic news and items of interest on the IOA website.
  • Members also have access to IOA job exchanges and offers as well as links to IOA full member country and associate member country web sites, Orthoptic journals and related international bodies. 
  • Members may participate in IOA networking.  Four IOA networks have been developed for low vision, vision screening, education and training, and neuro-orthoptics.
  • IOA members also benefit from reduced Scientific IOA Congress rates at the largest Orthoptic Scientific Symposia held such as the IOA Congress planned for 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. These meetings offer the latest in research findings in the field of Orthoptics and related disciplines.
  • Members also have access to IOA Scientific Congress transactions.
  • Membership with the IOA provides an opportunity for your national body to increase Orthoptic visibility and awareness nationally.  The IOA will work with your national body to strive to promote and educate the public on the importance of your role as a health care professional.

For additional information regarding full or associate membership, please contact Daisy Godts at or download the attached application forms, terms of reference for membership and return them completed with the appropriate fee attached.  

The various forms of memberships are as follows:

  1. Full membership of National Orthoptic Association 
  2. Associate membership of a National Orthoptic Association
  3. Individual full membership open to Orthoptists
  4. Individual associate membership open to Ophthalmologists

All members have access to the “members only” section of the IOA website and benefit of a reduced IOA congress registration fee.

Is your Association ready for an IOA membership? Follow this checklist for further information: National Association Membership Checklist