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Data Protection Policy

The IOA needs to gather and use certain information to provide our members with the benefits of membership in our association, and to work with our volunteers and with those with whom we collaborate. This requires data to be collected and processed. As an organization we adhere to this principle: When storing and transmitting data, we must ensure a high level of data protection and data security.

We view it as our duty, as an international charitable organization, to comply with the various legal regulations around the world that govern the collection and processing of personal data. Our top priority is to ensure universally applicable, worldwide standards for handling personal data. For us, protecting the personal rights and privacy of each and every individual is the foundation of trust in our relationships.

Our Data Protection Policy lays out the requirements for processing personal data to ensure, as much as possible, that it is kept safe and secure. It meets the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive and ensures compliance with the principles of national and international data protection laws in force all over the world. The policy sets a globally applicable data protection and security standard for our Association.