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Tetris challenge for orthoptists

We challenge colleagues all over the world to the “Orthoptic Tetris Challenge” for our annual World Orthoptic Day celebration on Monday, June 7th.


What is the Tetris Challenge?

Originating with emergency services, paramedics displayed the entire contents of their ambulance and took a photograph from above. Other professional groups like nurses and the police have followed the trend laying out their equipment in a grid pattern and posting the photo on social media.                                                                                                                          


It is time for orthoptists to do the Tetris challenge!

Everyone is spending more time online since the COVID pandemic. The Orthoptic Tetris Challenge will help to increase the visibility of our profession even more! This is the ideal way to show our patients, family and friends some of the unique items we use to do our job as orthoptists. Photos from the challenge will reveal the similarities and differences in orthoptic equipment and work-related items used by orthoptists around the world.


What to do?

Post your Orthoptic Tetris Challenge photo on social media and tag the IOA social media channels via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Be sure to tag your colleagues, family, friends and patients and ask them to share your photo on their social medial channels.

Hashtag: #orthoptictetris

This is how we celebrate an online World Orthoptic Day on June 7th!


What can I win?

There is a prize for the best Orthoptist Tetris Challenge. All photos with the hastag #orthoptictetris shared with our social media channels and posted before Tuesday June 8, 2021 are eligible for the prize. The jury consists of a selection of volunteers from the IOA council of management. The prize is provided generously by Kay Pictures Ltd.

The first prize is a Delegate Fee for the 2022 IOA Congress in Liverpool and a a Kay treasure box. Second prize is a Kay treasure box with a wooded pirate-themed mobile.