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Photography Contest 2020

The International Orthoptic Association is pleased to announce its annual World Orthoptic Day photography contest!  All IOA members are encouraged to participate by submitting an original photo based on this year’s theme.

 “Orthoptists on the Front Lines of Eye Care”

Select an aspect of orthoptic science or service, and marry it to an artistic interpretation of your choice. While this topic is particularly relevant in the current medical crisis, orthoptists are often the “First Contact” for those seeking eye care or education on a daily basis.  Whether patient triage, vison screening, recognition of acute onset diplopia or nystagmus as a symptom of a serious condition, or educating the next generation, orthoptists are usually the first face encountered on the front lines of health care.

Use your knowledge of orthoptics past and present together with your imagination to create an image that highlights the vital role that orthoptists play in eye care.

The winning submission will be used on all of our promotional materials for World Orthoptic Day over the next year.  Please encourage your colleagues and students to participate!  This is one of the many ways we have to publicize and promote our profession on a global stage.

Contest closes on May 15, 2020, 11.59pm EST

Please refer to the attached for more details.