XIII International Orthoptic Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

IOA Congress 2016

The most important event in the calendar of the Association is the scientific congress which is held once every four years. The Congress offers an excellent opportunity for orthoptists and ophthalmologists to share knowledge with colleagues and friends from around the world. Plenary sessions, workshops, symposia, poster and commercial exhibitions provide delegates with the latest research and information within the field of orthoptics and its related disciplines. The highlight of each congress is the Burian Lecture, instituted in 1975 to commemorate Dr Herman Burian for his contribution to strabismology and his never ending support of orthoptics. The IOA Research Award and the IOA Educational Grant are other highlights of the proceedings.

The organisation of the congress is vested in two committees:

Congress Organising Committee (COC)
Jan Roelof Polling, Mari Gutter MSc, Eline de Jongh,
Jacqueling Krijnen, Isa Vels, Lia Brouwer, The Netherlands

Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC)
Kyle Arnoldi-Jolley, U.S.A., CSPC Chair
Daisy Godts, Belgium
Hinke Marijke Jellema, The Netherlands
Dr. Connie Koklanis, Australia
Carole Panton, Canada

Regular up-dates will provide you with the new orthoptic information and give up to date details of the forthcoming
XIII International Orthoptic Congress to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on June 27-30, 2016.

Kyle Arnoldi CSPC

Anna Horwood

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