Operations Management

Program Coordinator: Dagmar I. Verlohr

Working Committees: 

  • Congress Organizing Committee (COC) / Jan Roloef Polling 
  • Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC) / Chair Kyle Arnoldi
    • Congress Guidelines for Invited Symposia
    • Congress Planning Guidelines for CSPC
    • Education Forum Organizing Committee
    • Sincel Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) / Chair Jan Roloef Polling 

Strategic Priorities and Directions 2013 - 2017:

  • The IOA officers will adhere to an accountable and transparent corporate governance model.
  • Maintain and sustain the program management  structure.   

  • Ensure in all relevant areas there are developed guidelines, which are clear , understandable and disseminated to all relevant target groups.

  • Ensure there is an efficient communication process with the Association, and between the member associations and individual members by use of IOA website, newsletters, notices, e-blasts, social media use.

  • Disseminate relevant materials to members.

  • Enhance the human resource pool on the committee/project level  to carry out IOA activities and the financial strength of the IOA for the benefit of its members and the profession.

  • Promote the value of orthoptics to government organizations, non-government organizations and the wider community.

  • Collaborate with other international pediatric ophthalmology, strabismic, or ophthalmic genetic organizations and non-governmental bodies.

  • Enable the IOA to be the key international representative organization of orthoptics through leadership, brokering and collaboration.

  • Ensure the quality of continuing professional activities and promotion of orthoptic science by the  IOA Congress through the IOA’s Congress Organizing Committee (COC) and Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC).

  • Develop IOA Congress efficiencies such as the use of a single Professional Congress Organizer.

  • Update the IOA’s web presence on the internet to be responsive to members’ needs for information and services.

  • Be proactive and responsive to  issues, changes and developments that impact on orthoptics and the IOA.

  • Measure the performance of the Association against its objectives.

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