Burian Lecturers

The Burian Lecture was instituted in 1975 and is the highlight of each International Congress. The lecture commemorates Dr. Hermann Burian`s significant contributions to strabismology and his constant support of orthoptics. The honour of presenting the lecture is bestowed upon an orthoptist voted for by secret ballot after having been nominated to the Council of Management and having submitted curriculum vitae.
The IOA President introduces the chosen candidate during the scientific proceedings at Congress. A certificate in recognition of the lecture is presented.

Nany M. Capobianco (Italy)
IV. International Congress, Berne/Switzerland, 1979
Title: ”Points of view about sensorial adaptation in strabismus“

Judy H. Seaber (USA)
V. International Orthoptic Congress, Cannes/France, 1983
Title: ”The effect of supranuclear midbrain lesions in ocular motility“

Joyce Mein (Great Britain)
VI. International Orthoptic Congress, Harrogate/Great Britain, 1987
Title: ”Orthoptics, the past and the future“

Carolyn Calcutt (Great Britain)
VII. International Orthoptic Congress, Nuernberg/Germany, 1991
Title: ”The national history of infantile esotropia; a study of the
untreated condition in the visual adult“

Julie Green (Australia)
VIII. International Orthoptic Congress, Kyoto/Japan, 1995
Title: ”Plasticity of the vergence system“

Prof. Sakuko Fukai (Japan)
IX. International Orthoptic Congress, Stockholm/Sweden, 1999
Title: ”A new orthoptics-trend in the 21st century“

Kyle A. Arnoldi (USA)
X. International Orthoptic Congress, Melbourne/Australia, 2004
Title: ”Factors contributing to the outcome of sensory testing in
patients with anomalous binocular correspondence“

Gill Roper-Hall (USA)
XI. International Orthoptic Congress, Antwerp, Belgium, 2008
Title: "The Influence of the Vergence System on Strabismus Diagnosis and Management"

Agneta Rydberg (Sweden)
XII. International Orthoptic Congress, Toronto, Canada, 2012
Title: "Assessment of Visual Function in Children"

Prof. Anna Horwood (U.K)
XIII. International Orthoptic Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2016
Title: «Folklore or Evidence?»

Prof. Helen Davis (U.K.)
 International Orthoptic Congress, Liverpool, U.K., 2020

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